SAR is an acronym of the owner's name, who is R. Shawn Atkinson.
The phone # is easy to remember because it spells SAR-4-FUN, which is what this company is all about.

We enjoy stereos and personalization of vehicles to the nth degree! The owner has been involved in the industry for his entire working career and holds both his North American automotive accessories technicians license, which is the Mobile Electronics Certification Program, (MECP), and the Ontario license, which is the Automobile Electrical Accessory Technician, (AEAT), at an inter-provincial level. Shawn also is classified as a Rosta Precision Control Master Technician, and has attended and graduated from Dynamat University.

Some of the other things Shawn has done is become licensed as a sound engineer, and receive training regarding charging systems, and batteries, through Great Northern Batteries.

You will recognize some of his personal vehicles on the streets, and at shows. Most notably the 2000 Chevrolet S-10 Extreme by the license plate SAR PERF, but also the 1983 Ford Mustang "T" roof that wears the plate SARSOUND, the 1980 Dodge Power Wagon, which wears SARLIFTD. Soon to be added is a 1986 Ford Mustang "T" roof who will be SAR QUIK. SAR is also looking for a crew cab dually to be SAR VIDEO, so keep your eyes open, make sure you wave if you see any of the vehicles!
SAR SOUND AND PERFORMANCE is located in ottawa Ontario and services many dealers and Auto shops with in. Our phone # is 613-SAR-4-FUN (727-4-386).