From a basic system, to the most elaborate, there is nothing SarSound Can't do to help protect your investment.

Forget those cold winter commutes, drive to work in warmth!
If you can picture it, we can design it. With a wide array of audio products, we can custom build your audio system beyond your wildest imagination!


Need a TV in your car? or Just want one to keep the kids quiet on the long (or short) trips? We can custom install LCD TV's into your vehicle, and run them off anything from VCR's, DVD players, to Playstations and Xbox's!

Power Door Locks
Didn't get them the first time around.. a simple addition, will have your locks powered!

Keyless Entry

No more fumbling around with keys to get into your car, simple remote key-fobs allow you secure access into your car, as well as locking your car.

Cruise Control

Another feature that can be added to virtually any vehicle!

Window Tinting
From limo tint, to just a light shade, we do it all with top quality tint. Installation, and Tint both with full warranty!

Buffing / Detailing
We offer a full range of interior/exterior detailing options for your baby! Keep her looking the way she should, or bring back that shine that is slowly fading away!

Recreational Add-ons
Bush bars, and other aftermarket accessories.. you name it, we can get it!

GPS installations
For anyone who desires to see where they are, where they are going, or how to get there, these Global Positioning Satellite receivers show you visually where you are, right down to the street name! Allow you to plot the best route to your next destination!

Tracking Systems
For those who are serious about car security, these hidden tracking systems will monitor the location of your vehicle via satellite, so that in the event of a theft, your car can be tracked, located, and recovered!

Performance Parts
Aftermarket performance accessories for all types of vehicles! Intakes, Exhausts, Body Kits, Engine parts/upgrades, we can get a hold of virtually anything!

DVD / Screen / Video
Cassette Players
A great compliment to any Video Screen installed in your vehicle, these systems are small, and allow you to bring some additional comforts of home into the vehicle!


Aftermarket Shocks/Struts/Springs/Air Ride.. want to go lower? want to go higher? we have the parts to get you there!

Custom Fabrication
Custom fabrication of metal/wood parts for a wide array of applications! Contact us to see what we can do for your next project!